Christmas Snow Scenes

Here comes the Christmas season and there isn’t any reason, why you cannot let that creative spirit loose creating a Christmas Snow Scene.

Go for something, which makes the neighbors go snowy white with envy. And best of all, it is not going to cost you the Earth. In fact, you are going to use the Earth to get creative with imaginative Christmas snow scenes. If you are fortunate enough to be celebrating Christmas in an area which is snowbound, you could go in for decorating the area outside the house in a really creative manner.

Snowmen FamilyChristmas Snow Scenes

How about a family of Christmas snowmen, snow children, and snow women having a snowball fight? You might want to make a barricade, behind which some of the snow babies are lurking in ambush to shower their unsuspecting moms and dads with snowballs. The ingredients you need for this creative project is lots of open space, lots of snow and gloves covering your hands so that they do not grow cold while you are making the snowballs. Design the adults going about their daily chores. Dad may be on his way to the office, ready to open up the door of his car, when he is sighted by his teenage menaces. They have full intentions of aiming at his brand-new hat. Creativity is the name of the game; in fact, this can be a full family project, with all the members getting together to build the Christmas snow family.

Christmas Angels

Everybody knows about Christmas Angels. You lie down on your back on the Christmas snow and move your hands and feet to make wings and angelic gowns. Christmas Angels have to be made fresh, because a snowfall is going to wipe them out. Have baby Angels and grown-up angels all over the yard. Remember to wrap yourself up well in woollies, before you go out to play and roll about in the snow.

Fake Snow Decorations

Since there are lots of snow-like products very easily found in your friendly neighborhood market, you know that you just have to buy a bottle of fake snow and "let us spray!" Remember to buy a number of stencils with Christmas motives on them. You might also want something in the glitter range. After that, go around placing your Christmas stencils in judicious places, where they can be well appreciated by all your guests. After that, just spray on the snow and sprinkle with glitter. Enjoy your Christmas Snow scenes!


Indoor Snow Scene

No snow outside but you still want to make a Christmas Snow Scene? Don't worry, you still can with great indoor snow scenes. You can create your own using paper to make snowflakes. Make a lot of different snowflakes by folding paper and cutting little pieces out of the paper. Add snowmen by cutting circles out of white felt and gluing on black felt for the buttons and eyes. Top it off with cotton balls for snow and you're set! 


Don't feel like doing it yourself? Then buy an indoor snow scene. Here are two that I really like.


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Photo Credit: joe_tourist

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