Candy Land Christmas Lawn Decorations

Gingerbread Candy Land Christmas Lawn DecorationsWhat could be more fun than recreating Candy Land for your Christmas Lawn Decorations? This is a great way to have your family, friends, and neighbors interact in your decorations rather than just look at them.


Create the board game by adding large brightly colored squares and weave them through your lawn. Write “START” on one and “END” on the other. Take index cards and paint a little of the colors on several of them for the game cards.


Near the start, add the mint forest with lots of lighted candy canes. Add an elf dressed in red and white stripes as Mr. Mint.


Next add the gumdrops as an elf with gumdrops as Jolly.


Around the next curve, wrap rope lights around poles to create licorice strands. Put a cape on an elf and declare him to be Lord Licorice.


Add lollipop woods with the lollipops having Christmas decorations on them. Again, add fairy wings to your elf and she’ll become Lolly.


Create a patch of oversized nuts and dress Mrs. Claus up as Gramma Nut.


At the end, have a gingerbread house and gingerbread people with cutouts for the faces so that your visitors will have a great photo opportunity!


At the end, have Santa dressed up as King Kandy!


Play the game according to Candy Land Rules using you and your guest as the game pieces!


Everyone will LOVE coming to your house to see your amazing outdoor decorations!

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Photo Credit: breckenpool

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