Homemade Christmas Gag Gift


Homemade Christmas Gag GiftsHomemade Maxi Pad Slippers made a great gag gift!

If you are planning to have a family Christmas party or if you just need some ideas on what to get as a Christmas gift for a white elephant gift you need to look into gag gifts. If you are working on a budget homemade Christmas gag gifts are perfect for you because they can be made at home, with stuff you have sitting around the house. Homemade Christmas gag gifts are also fun to give out to family members who enjoy a good laugh or two.

One idea for a homemade Christmas gag gift is a Melted Snowman. To make the melted snowman you will need to get an empty baby food jar, a piece of coal, and a baby carrot. To make the gift you will need to place the lump of coal and carrot into the baby food jar and then fill it with water. Place the lid on the jar and place a tag on it that says “melted snowman.”

Another good homemade Christmas gag gift is called Toy Not Included. Every year when you buy toys for children the boxes always say batteries not included. To make somebody laugh all you have to do is give them a box of batteries with a tag attached to it that says toy not included.

Never-Ending Boxes are a great homemade Christmas gag gift. To make this gift you will need to get a piece of paper to write a note on, such as, “It's the thought that counts” or even “Merry Christmas.” You will also need to gather a variety of boxes; they need to be various sizes because you will be putting boxes into each other. You will also need some wrapping paper, so you can wrap the outside box. What you want to do is place the piece of paper inside the smallest box that you have and close up the box. Then place the small box into another box and close it up. Continue repeating this process until you have placed all of the boxes inside each other. Wrap the last box with Christmas wrapping paper and give it out at the gift exchange.

Another gag gift that you can give out is similar to a Car Repair Kit and works great for kids that are just getting started in college, or who are living away from home for the first time. You make something that looks like a car repair kit, but include duct tape and rubber bands inside along with some simple tools. Tie a tag to the handle of the bag or include an index card inside the bag with the title “IF all else fails” and then include their parents' phone number.

Another great homemade Christmas gag gift is called Grow Your Own Furniture. To pull of this gag gift you will need to get an acorn and place it in a bag. Inside the bag, include a note that says plant and water so that in 40 years you can cut down the tree and make your own oak furniture.

Homemade Christmas gag gifts are great gifts to give and the only limitations you have is your imagination or your friends' imagination.

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