Romantic Christmas Gifts for Men

There is something about going out and buying your man something special, and us women really don’t need an excuse like birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, we do it just to say I love you. So, sometimes when Christmas rolls around, it’s hard to come up with the perfect Romantic Christmas present for that special man in our lives.  Men often times need it spelled out for them as to what we want, but we like to be creative, and figure it out ourselves. If not there are always gift receipts right ladies? Here are a few ideas from one wife to another.

First maybe we should define what is romantic for a man. Obviously jewelry or night out for two, or something like roses, is the trick for us women. Men, not so much. What men find sexy, and romantic (yes those two words go together in a man’s brain) is when we tune into what they really are into. When we take interest in their hobbies, and habits *yes, even when we don’t want to. So here are a few suggestions for some different kinds of men!

Lure Him

I know when we think of romance the last thing we are thinking about is wiggly squirmy, dirty worms and fish. BUT ladies, if you have a man who is into this sort of sport, show him you love him, and yes that you support his hobby and pastime. Go to either  Basspro, Cabela’s, or  some place of that nature grab a male associate and ask them what you would need for an Alaskan fishing expedition. Look online for cabins, and tour dates, make one for the two of you. OR if you are like the rest of us, and there is a budget, after all.. we are in a recession, go to the stores mentioned, ask an associate to set you up with what you will need for a fresh water fishing expedition come spring time, wrap it all up under the tree,  and make reservations for a local camp ground or river cabin and do the same thing, close to home. Or if it’s better to send him out with “just the guys” that is a true way to his heart as well. Romance for men. Truly a different breed.

Touchdown for the Wife!

I think this one is a dead giveaway is your husband a football, or baseball, or any sports fanatic? Next question that is crucial, is he a player or a spectator? There is a difference - you wouldn’t want to send you and your hubby off to “couples baseball camp” if he isn’t really into playing the game right? But if he is this can be a GREAT romantic Christmas present, again showing you are going the extra mile for him, why? Not just because it’s Christmas, but because you love him. He would rather have this over a candlelit dinner and movie. If he is a spectator, get him season tickets and maybe season tail gate passes if they are available in your area. He'd also love gear from his favorite team.


Taking the Bull by the Horns

You got yourself a cowboy and you don’t know what this rough n’ tough guy needs for Christmas? Maybe all he needs is YOU! Again, if you are one of the lucky ones who can spend Christmas alone, no kids to worry about, or maybe you get some alone time AFTER Christmas, say for New Years.. nothing like a romantic  getaway for two. Take visit to your favorite lingerie shop, get creative, and let your cowboy see the wild side of you. Take control dress “down” for the occasion and rope yourself a cowboy!  Again, not really going want the candles and sushi, break out the rib eye, 12 pack of beer, and you in some knee highs, cowgirl hat, use your imagination, maybe be ready with dinner, in one of his oversize flannel work shirts, and nothing else? Be creative. Set the mood to your man!

Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive to be romantic. Give it a shot! Try some of these out, if he is a traditional guy and not up to the challenge, try something like a glamour shot session of you, a framed appropriate photo of you for the office, and then a not so … appropriate one for the sleeve in his wallet! Remember have fun, and Merry Christmas!


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