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Creative Christmas Gifts for HerThere are plenty of men that have not come eye to eye with that jolly fat guy on Christmas Eve.  Unless he is employed by the store where men are doing their last minute shopping the night before Christmas.   If you are one of these guys it’s time to trade your thinking hat for a creative Christmas cap.

Your wives are waiting for you to surprise and delight them at Christmas.  Trust me when I tell you that the husband who comes up with creative Christmas gifts for wife will not need mistletoe.   You need to spend more time than money to impress your wife.

Try to spin off from my experience and make it yours.   My son and I love Christmas and we know it is my wife’s favorite holiday.  Last Christmas my wife woke up to a helium holiday balloon hovering over the bed dangling a note.  

“You’re holly jolly Christmas is waiting in the living room” with your boys.   She joined us for homemade cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate with a muted parade on the television while Christmas music played on the stereo.

After all the gifts were opened, she pretended to be happy with the body and bath supplies we had given her with the attractive store bought card.   That’s when we presented her with a huge wicker basket.   Her brown eyes lit up.  

My son and I had stitched pictures from Christmas past together on the computer.  We printed several copies in envelope format and taped them together.  Then we wrapped the long string of pictures around the basket handle and the basket itself. 

We put a bed of crushed glittery Christmas paper in the bottom and cut pieces of sparkling ribbon were strewn around a couple dozen wrapped gifts.   Instead of store bought to and from tags, we had taped different pictures of my wife with us from each month of the year. 

Winter photos from New Years Eve, Spring pics from Easter when her boys dress up like the Easter Bunny, Summer shots playing in the lake, and Halloween clicks from fall.   Each little photo bringing back memories from the year about to end.

Many of the gifts were from a dollar store like the tiara my son picked out because Mom always asked us in a teasing fashion, “Am I your pretty princess?”  He got the tiny ceramic box with the single slipper on top. 

That’s because we met at a formal ball and it was like Cinderella.  Our traditional toast is one of us says, “Here’s to Fairytales” and the other responds with, “And Happy Endings”.  

I saved every restaurant placemat that my son and I had colored throughout the year.  All of us would take turn coloring.  I would then write the day and date and a little note describing why we were out and about.  Like a journal entry.   We tied these with ribbons like treasured scrolls.

There was lots of cool stuff we put together and each one provoked a cherished memory.  The best was yet to come.   My son and I made a dvd movie on the computer. 

It had opening and closing titles and credits.   In between, with a music soundtrack, were pictures of us.   They faded in and out and had other effects.   We used a simple computer program that is included on nearly all computers purchased.

Christmas day was nearly over and we had just finished watching a Christmas movie.  My son poured sparkling cider into stemmed glasses.  I switched dvds and told my wife we wanted to watch just one more holiday movie.

She stared at the screen with glistening brown eyes.   She smiled, laughed, and cried while she gathered us close.   An hour after we carried our sleeping son to bed we were back on the couch and we watched the movie again.  The only light in the room came from the tree and other decorations.

She had a smile the size of a candy cane and the look in her eyes made me melt faster than marshmallows on sweet potatoes. 

Take it from me men.  Plan ahead and get your creativity on for your wife this year.   The imaginative husband won’t even have to stand close to the mistletoe this Christmas.

If you're not that creative on your own, have someone else do the work and you tke the credit. Services like Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts are perfect for you.

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