Inexpensive Coworkers Christmas Gifts

Inexpensive Coworkers Christmas GiftsInexpensive coworkers Christmas gifts are perfect when you have to buy a large amount of gifts for colleagues or for a few that you don’t know really well. The key to good inexpensive gifts is creativity. Here are a few ideas to spark yours.

Office Survival Kits from the Supply Closet

These gifts are free! You make them from the supply closet using materials that most companies have on-hand. These little kits can be assembles in a bag or put in a mug if your company has them. Grab bulk quantities of the following items:

  • Rubber Bands
  • Paper Clips
  • Highlighters
  • Post-It Notes
  • Notepads
  • Pens
  • Coffee Filters

Now, create gift tags that say what each item is for or download our Office Supply Survival Kits Gift Tags

  • A Rubber Band to snap yourself back into full gear
  • A Paper Clip to hold it all together
  • A Highlighter to brighten your day
  • Post-it Notes to remind you to stick together
  • A Notepad & Pen to write your endless to-do lists
  • A Coffee Filter to filter out the non-essentials

Bag o’ Candy with Poem

Another inexpensive gift for coworkers is a bag of candy. What spruces this up is the cute candy-related poem that goes along with the bag of candy. So get to the store, grab several bags of candy and package each candy with a fun candy poem about the holidays. Here’s a poem for you to use (candy names are in all caps) or create your own!


We know the holidays can feel NUTRAGOUS and cause MOUNDS of CRUNCH time. But relax! Remember to mix in GOOD & PLENTY of fun with that person you have the RED HOTS for. Ignore that BAZOOKA JOE that is always blabbing on and on about WHATCHAMACALLIT. And always spread lots of HUGS to the LIFESAVERS in your world NOW & LATER. Happy Holidays!

Other Great Inexpensive Gift Ideas

  • A burned CD of Christmas Carols and Songs
  • A classic, old holiday movie or tv cartoon show
  • Ornaments or holiday decorations for their desk
  • Cookies or baked goods
  • $5 Gift Certificates to
    • Amazon
    • Starbucks or other coffee place
    • Jamba Juice or other smoothie place
    • Target or Walmart

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