Coworker Christmas Gifts

Coworker Christmas GiftsIt’s that time again, yep, time to draw a name out of the office coffee cup, to see who your Secret Santa victim will be this year. And who did you pull? The boss or maybe that new co-worker who has been here 3 months yet you have not made the effort to introduce yourself to? Have no fear; there are appropriate office gifts, which are affordable and attainable.  Check out this list below and buy with confidence!


No, we don’t mean wait for them in the parking lot or in a dark alley and take then for all their worth, or high jack their stapler from their desk. Really, if you know they are an avid coffee, water or beverage drinker, you can get them a nice mug without it seeming, cliché.  There are so many different styles of mugs, reusable water jugs and insulated cups that anyone can appreciate that gesture. And, it can be a ‘moderately affordable’ expense without seeming cheap!

You’ve Got Gas!

Again, we are not out for gag gifts this year, or to physically HARM anyone, so don’t try and bottle up your farts from last night’s Mexican meal, really now? What you can do instead is get them a nice gas gift card, several gas stations offer them and they are exclusively for GAS ONLY. Who wouldn’t appreciate a little weight lifted off the pressures of their gas tank? Especially if they are a commuter!

Go Green

You can always go the easy route and give them in indoor plant, office plant or something of that nature, or you can get creative and seek out easy to grow exotic indoor plants; such as an amaryllis, which will survive inside.

The Message in the Bottle

Ok there is no denying it, there is always ONE person at work, whether they are a guy or really clueless woman, they stink. And we don’t mean eww no shower stink, maybe they are a smoker, or they have cats? Yes, you know who I am talking about. Well, here is the thing, send them a kind gentle message that your cubicles are too close and, they could maybe... disguise the smell a little? Or maybe you like them and want to just do something nice? Create a spa basket. With nice lotions and mild body sprays and colognes, try and stay away from flower scents to avoid allergic reactions. Add one of those foot massager things, a nail file, create a theme and get creative you can make a nice basket for under $20.

Afternoon Break Treat

Coworkers always appreciate gift card to their favorite afternoon break spot. Take notice of where your colleague heads to around 3 pm whether it's the coffee shop, the cookie shop, or the smoothie place. Grab them a gift card from there and they'll love it.

Other Ideas

We have created a whole section of gifts for anyone just for reasons like this.

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Photo Credit: Ozarks Red Cross

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