Felix Family Outdoor Christmas Musical Yard Display

by: Joey Felix of Dallas, GA


Merry Christmas, these are some photos of our 2009 light display we call Felix Family Lights!

Our home has become a Christmas landmark in our area. People from all around the metro Atlanta area come to see our house at Christmas. With so many visitors we also decided to collect donations for the American Cancer Society.

Our home has somewhere between 60-70,000 lights and the best part is most of the lights are computerized with music. We use a program called Light O Rama and currently have 136 individual channels.

This year we added several things to our display including the Grinch, Max, and Karen and we also added Felix the Cat made from Christmas Lights. He MC's the show.

As for The Grinch and Felix, they are made from something called corrugated plastic. I am sure you all have seen it, think election campaign signs. Here is a tip, collect those things after elections, find some pictures you like and project them on to the coro, draw them out. Then take a scratch awl (looks like a screwdriver but with a point) and poke holes through the coro. Grab some lights and slide them into the holes and you just made a character out of lights. We have made Felix the Cat, Elton John, and are working on a train.





Our display is quite large and it is hard to fit the entire display in the picture so please visit us on the web to see more pictures and video.



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Comment by Julie | 2012-11-14

I love your Felix the Cat display! I was looking to make something Felix with lights this year or paint some plywood. Thanks for the ideas. You did a fantastic job! Everything else too... wow! How many lights did Felix take and how big is he?

Comment by Debra | 2012-12-23

Comment by debra | 2012-12-23

This is our familys 4th year of visiting your Christmas light show. It has become a part of our Christmas tradition. Thanks so much for lighting up the community. God Bless you and your family.

Comment by Eric | 2012-12-23

I bring the family to your light show every year. We enjoy it and will come every year.

Comment by J Felix | 2013-01-28

Thanks for all the kind remarks.
Julie Felix has about 10 strings I think, so about 1000 lights give or take. I found a picture online and traced it on a sheet of corrugated plastic (like an election sign). Then you poke holes in it with a scratch awl and push the lights though like a light bright.

Comment by Claudia | 2014-12-13

Me like could you get me a Felix the cat Christmas displays. Thank you -Claudia Felix-

Comment by Anna | 2014-12-13

If your last name is Felix then you have to know Eleno Felix right

Comment by Anna | 2014-12-13

Where did you get that Felix the cat display? I love him I don't know where to get them can't wait to get your comment I want to get a lot of them yay hahaha

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