Top Selling Christmas Gifts

Christmas is around the corner, and when you walk into any store you are immediately greeted by a friendly sales person welcoming you to their store, and then as you walk through you see prices slashed and great deals on every aisle. This is a sign that Christmas is upon us. Even with the economy playing tricks on us again this Holiday season, we are ready to make the best of it and be sure that our loved ones have everything on their wish list. This year, from toys to tools everyone has a favorite, here are a few that have been hard to find due to demand!


Toys for Techs


Amazon Kindle

Top Selling Christmas Gifts - Amazon KindleThe big deal with this nifty little electronic is that you can read anything you want after waiting just a few seconds to download it. It’s international and your entire library travels with you. With more than 360,000 books available, plus top newspapers, magazines, and blogs, your reader will be satisfied. This is exclusive from Amazon and can be shipped internationally. Here’s more information about the Kindle.

Apple iPod Touch

The new and improved touch screen iPod that everyone has been requesting is now on the market just in time for Christmas. It is great for teens, significant others and siblings. Be sure to grab an iTunes gift card to go along with it. Get more iPod Touch information.


PlayStation 3

Still one of the more desired items on the list of thousands of adults and children alike. Lines ranging from 75-1000 people deep prove this item has not lost its spark since Christmas 2008. There are options out there, including bundles and special edition sets with games. Check out Amazon's PlayStation 3 store for all the goodies.


Toyland Galore


Elmo Live

Top Selling Christmas Gifts - Elmo LiveElmo strikes again! This hot toy item will remember your children’s names, sing songs, tell jokes and just about anything else you program it to do using the USB cord and disc provided to entertain your 2-5 year old this year. Every year there should be an Elmo under the tree! Most of the Elmo’s have been flying off the shelves so get your Elmo Live online here.



For our older kids whom dream of sugar plums and lollipops before Christmas morning what better then to wake up to your own personal robot? This 14 inch tall little guy comes programmed with over 67 different movements and actions. This is surely to make any boy or girl over the age of 6 years old happy! Choose your Robosapien at


Bratz Dolls

Move over Barbie! The Bratz have survived their first few Christmases and are even more in demand before. Barbie with attitude is what some may call these hip, and fashionable dolls. With hundreds of accessories, clothes, and other Bratz merchandise girls of all ages are looking forward to taking a few fashion notes from the Bratz dolls. Find Bratz for your favorite kids at



With all of the things to get done this Christmas make your shopping experience a fun one. Don’t stress over what to get those you love, take a look here at what others are buying, and maybe you too will find that perfect gift! And remember to have a Merry Christmas!



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