Ideas for Christmas Gift Exchange

Ideas for Christmas Gift ExchangeEvery year Christmas rolls around and every year you can be sure you need ideas for your gift exchange. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Here are over 10 Ideas for Christmas Gift Exchanges!

Socks Gift Exchange – everyone wears socks so this one can be quite an entertaining exchange!

Tacky Christmas Gift Exchange – have everyone bring a tacky Christmas gift to exchange.

Re-Gift Christmas Gift Exchange – do this after Christmas and re-gift anything you didn’t like that year.

Homemade Christmas Gift – exchange all homemade gifts. These could be anything from a mixed CD to a scarf.

Common Interest Exchange – you and your friends probably have something you all like -- perhaps its movies, books or sci-fi. Whatever it is, have everyone bring a gift associated to that theme.

Beauty Exchange – have everyone bring a beauty product to exchange.

Eggnog Exchange
– have everyone bring their favorite alcoholic beverage to exchange.  Follow this exchange up with adult Christmas party games.

Wine Exchange – same concept as the eggnog exchange but  limit it to wine.

Ornament Exchange
– have everyone bring a Christmas ornament to exchange.

Cooking Exchange – have everyone bring a kitchen or cooking item.

Baked Goods Exchange – have everyone bring something they baked or cooked. Include the recipe.

Game Exchange
– have everyone bring a board or card game to exchange. If money is tight this year, have people bring games that they already own.

Creativity Exchange
– instead of exchanging gifts, have each person exchange their creativity! They could draw, sing, play the piano, recite a poem, do an impersonation, tell a joke or whatever they’d like.

For how to do an actual exchange, check out traditional Christmas Gift Exchange Game ideas or fun Christmas Gift Exchange Games.


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Comment by Monica | 2009-11-24

You could do a 12 Days of Christmas Gifts theme where everyone has to get a gift related to the 12 Days of Christmas.
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