Christmas Party Gift Exchange Games

Christmas Party Gift Exchange GamesExchanging gifts during Christmas is a staple activity. Often, it's done with a few close friends or family. Some organizations, like schools or offices, create their own version, with some even spreading it out for several days before Christmas. It's a great way to ensure that the spirit of giving is strong amongst co-workers.

Grab Bag Exchange Game Ideas
One popular version of such Christmas party gift exchange games is the Grab Bag. Guests are required to bring one gift. Prepare some extra just in case there are a few stragglers who come in and don't have a gift. Fill a hat or a bowl with slips of numbered paper to determine the order of picking gifts.

You can go about it several ways. The first and easiest would be to grab a gift off the table and that's it. Another version of this Christmas party gift exchange game is where the next person has the option to grab someone else's gift, or choose from the pile. For example, Person 1 grabs a gift, and Person 2 decides to grab that gift instead of getting one from the pile. Person 1 would then have to grab another gift off the table. It gives a bit of a twist to the regular grab bag game.

You can also opt to put the numbers on the gifts themselves, and guests will pull a number from a bag. Whatever number they get from the bag, they'll receive the corresponding gift. In a way, it'll be a bit of suspense because what you'll get will definitely be a surprise.

Secret Santa Exchange Game Idea
Christmas party gift exchange games aren't limited to the day of the party itself. Some people choose to start a week or so early. Here's a variation of Secret Santa that you can try: Ask participants to think of a code name, write it on a piece of paper and put it in a hat or bowl. Everyone will pick a name and be that person's Santa. For every day, participants would be asked to bring a gift based on a pre-designated theme. Say Monday is 'something soft and round,' Tuesday is 'pink and fluffy' and so on.  Tag the gift with the code name and leave it at the office pantry or a common area. On the day of the party itself, guests are free to pick whatever gift they want to give. Each guest will stand in front of everyone and call out the code name they picked and give the gift personally. That person will then call out the name they picked and so on.

General Exchange Game Rules
To maximize such games, make sure to lay down some ground rules to ensure that everyone gets something good, or at the very least, enjoy themselves so much that they wouldn't mind their gifts, should it not meet their expectations. Set a limit to the cost so that it won't be expensive, but still worthwhile and interesting. In the end, it's not about what they received, but the experience they got during these cool Christmas party exchange gift games.


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