Christmas Trivia Games

Christmas Trivia GamesChristmas Trivia games make great office party games or fun family holiday games. There are several ways to play and several themes to choose from so pick your favorite and get to playing!

Team Points Version

Break into as many teams as you like. Give each team a list of questions to ask the other team. For each correct answer, 5 points is scored. The winner is determined by which team reaches a certain number of points (such as 100) first.

Individual Points Version

Have a trivia master read off each question. The first person to answer correctly gets 5 points. The winner is the first person to get a certain number of points (such as 100).

Jeopardy Style

Grab everyone and play Jeopardy with a Christmas twist! Get your downloadable Christmas Jeopardy and get started.

Word Trivia Challenge

Have everyone grab a piece of paper and give them 30 seconds to write as many Christmas or holiday words related to a category. Categories ideas are Cookie Shapes, Carol Names, Names for Santa, Snowman Items, Christmas Animals, Reindeer Names, and so on. Give a point for each correct one written. The first one to so many points or whoever is ahead after so many rounds is the winner.

Christmas Carol Trivia

There are so many ways to incorporate Christmas songs into your trivia games! You could play Name that Christmas Carol, where your guest will be using Christmas words to sing out their favorite tunes. Or you could play a game of fill-in-the-blank Christmas Song Lyrics.

Holiday Movie Trivia

Also consider making a trivia game out of your favorite Christmas movie(s). Simply watch the movie and make your trivia questions. You can use things such as quotes, actor’s names, scene order, and whatever else you can think of!

More Christmas Trivia Games

If you need a game NOW, check out these downloadable printable Christmas Trivia Games. They are ready to go almost instantly to help you get your party underway.

Christmas Jeopardy
Christmas Jeopardy

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Christian Legend: The
Twelve Days of Christmas

From: PrintableGamesAtoZ

Christmas Riddle Game
Christmas Riddle Me This!

From: PrintableGamesAtoZ

Chrismtas Around the World Trivia Game
Merry Christmas
Around The World

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Christmas Movie Trivia Game
Christmas Movie Characters

From: PrintableGamesAtoZ

Twas the Night Before Christmas Game
Twas The Night Before Christmas

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