Christmas Party Games

Christmas Party GamesNo matter what the occasion, games are sure to spice parties up. Christmas parties are no exception. Generally, holiday parties are festive and fun on their own, but putting games in the mix will surely add more fun and hilarity.

You can think of Christmas party games that are geared towards kids, or towards adults, or better yet, a combination of both. Grown-ups will enjoy seeing kids have fun with the games, while kids will get a chance to see the adults act like children for a bit. Putting them together in a game gives children and adults to bond together.


Bring Me

Pair up an adult with a child, maybe an uncle and a nephew or a grandparent and grandchild. The host will then call out 'Bring me...' and name an item that is in the house at that time. It's up to the pair to find such item and bring it to the host. The first pair to do so each round gets a point. The pair with the most number of points wins.


Wrapping Paper Dance

This will work great with an adult and child pair. Each pair is given a large sheet of wrapping paper laid out on the ground. While the music is playing everyone must dance and when the music stops, they must step on the paper, making sure that both feet are well within the boundaries of it. Anyone who steps out of it is out of the game. Fold the paper in half for the next round and do the same thing. Chances are in the first few rounds everyone will make it through, but the smaller the paper becomes, the harder it is to stay within the paper. Everyone will have great fun figuring out how to stay on the newspaper and win the game. Last pair standing will get the prize.


Christmas Name That Song

Whether we are aware of it or not, we have a lot of Christmas songs memorized. Everyone has their share of Christmas past singing carols either at home or in some event at school or work, and what with the numerous adaptations of famous singers of such carols, it's hard not to memorize them, one way or the other.

Create a playlist of Christmas songs, put them on your mp3 player or your sound system. Give each participant a bell, and play the song. The first person to ring their bell gets to guess. If they're wrong, the next person gets a turn. Three wrongs and you're out.


Longest Line

This game is great for groups, specially a combination of adults and kids. The goal is to create the longest line they could out of items that they're wearing. Establish some ground rules, like where the starting point is and what items they can and cannot remove. Some versions of this game draw the line at removing shirts and pants, but allow participants to go barefoot. It's a great game to see how creative people can be to win.


Christmas party games will definitely take the festivities up a notch, and bring guests --- family and friends alike, closer.

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