Christmas Office Party Games

Christmas Office Party Games

Christmas parties at work are usually something people look on with a little bit of dread. Somehow, 'fun' and 'office' aren't words that many people often put together in one idea. It's understandable, especially if you have this one co-worker who's a grouch, your boss is a dragon, and your tasks are a tad stressful. However, it isn't impossible to have little fun holiday get-together with the help of Christmas office party games.

Icebreakers are one of the best ways to get the party started. Here you are in a room full of your colleagues many of whom, at best, you only have a passing acquaintance with. Some “getting to know you” games are perfect to help get rid of any uneasiness you may have with each other. Here are some games you can try with your Christmas office party.


Holiday Match Up Game

Prepare a list of Christmas items that go together, like Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa, holly and ivy, Scrooge and the Christmas Ghosts, reindeer and sleigh, etc. Write that on index cards tape (or pin) them at the back of each guest. Their goal is to identify who they are by asking questions answerable by yes or no, but keep it to a minimum of five questions per person. Once they know who they are, they can find their match. It'll definitely be a game with a lot of laughs.


Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game

Before the party, prepare a list of items (again, it must be Christmas themed!) that guests need to look for within a specified amount of time. These can be items hidden beforehand or things that are already around the place. Put everyone's names in a bowl and pull them out to form groups of three. The first team to complete all items on the list wins.


Christmas Trivia Game

Like the scavenger hunt this game requires a little preparation but it is worth it. Here are lots of Christmas Trivia Ideas.



Icebreakers aren't the only games you can play at the office Christmas party. Games can be spread throughout the event to keep everything lively. Here's a few more you can do as the night goes on.


Christmas Wrapping Paper Dance Game

This variation of musical chairs works with pairs. Give each pair a very large sheet of Christmas wrapping paper. Players dance to Christmas tunes and when the music stops, must step onto the paper with all parts of their feet completely on the paper. Those who are unable to are out of the game. The paper is folded in half for each turn, getting smaller and smaller and harder to stand on. The last pair standing wins.


Name That Carol Game

Load up that music player with Christmas carols and songs and see who can name the song with just a few seconds of air play. For sure, a lot of people at the office will be surprised that they know more than their fair share of Christmas songs. This can be played in teams or as individuals.


After two or three games, everyone will feel more at ease with each other and the atmosphere will definitely be much lighter. Just goes to show that Christmas parties and a few games can make everyone much more relaxed, office or not.


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