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Christmas Free GamesIn the olden days, games were physical activities, a form of interaction between people. A set of rules is given with a particular goal in mind, which can be reached either as individuals or as a team.


Today, games have evolved to a much larger scale, and in some cases, are pretty much sedentary, if not solitary, thanks to the involvement of technology. Kids and adults alike want the latest consoles and equipment to play the newest videogames that's consistently being churned out for the market.


Some people, however, are still holding on to traditional games and introducing them to the young. See, the downside of the new technology games is that they cost so much. You pay a pretty penny for the console, and then you pay more for the games themselves. Anyone with a smaller budget can't really afford to indulge in these games, unless they borrow it from a friend.


There's a certainty that such toys are among the Christmas wish list of many people this coming season. Going back to budget constraints, it'll be hard for those wishes to be fulfilled.


As an alternative, you can push the advantages of going back to the basics when playing games. In these times when everyone is in a financial pinch free games, are definitely welcome.

Give Classic Games a Christmas Twist

These games could be a variety of old favorites, such as 'Scavenger Hunt' or 'Musical Chairs,' but with a Christmas twist. The items you can look for could be Christmas items, or the music is upbeat Christmas songs. There's plenty of that in the traditional playlist, as well as from several contemporary artists.

Christmas Photo Memory Game

Here's another suggestion, and it's one that'll greatly bring you closer to your family and friends. Gather a dozen pictures of your family or friends print them in small squares, perhaps 3x3 inches, on thick paper. Lay them face down on the table, and play a memory game. Open one square, then another. If they don't match, close them again and have someone else take a turn. Keep doing so until all cards are matched. The one with most cards wins.


This is a great game especially when people see the pictures. It's a guarantee, you'll hear a lot of comments like 'I remember this event!' or 'Wow, she sure has grown up in the last few months!'


There are a lot of games that won't break the bank. What's more, these free games will also provide great bonding time for everyone.

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