Christmas Drinking Games

Christmas Drinking Games


The holiday spirit gets into all of us when we play Christmas Drinking Games!


Remember to drink responsibly, be safe and never drink and drive. It’s dangerous and you don’t want to be responsible for ruining Christmas for someone for the rest of their life. Call a cab or a sober friend.

Ok, now that we aren’t going to drink & drive, let’s get drunk! Here are some fun game ideas for you…


Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle is a great adult group Christmas Drinking Game!


Everyone sits in a circle or around a table. One person starts by saying "Kris Kringle". The player to their right then says "Kris Kringle" again, and it continues around the circle.


At any time, a player can say "Christmas Drinks". If they say this, the direction is reversed and the player to his left has to reverse it and say "Kringle Kris".


This continues around until someone says "Christmas Drinks" again, at which point the direction reverses again and the phrase changes back to "Kris Kringle", and so on.


Go as fast as possible to have the best effect. Drinks get taken by any player that pauses, says the wrong words, says "Christmas Drinks" for 3 consecutive turns, or any player that mispronounces any word.


Drinking in Christmas Jeopardy

Get yourself a game of Christmas Jeopardy. For every person that gets the question, they can pick someone to drink. The winner can give drinks out all night whenever and to whomever they please.


How the Grinch Got Drunk at Christmas

Watch the movie or tv show of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Divide your group into two groups – the Who’s and the Grinch’s. Every time the narrator says the name of your team, drink.



You’ll need cards and non-breakable Christmas ornaments for this game.


Separate the cards so that you have one set of numbers for each person. So if you have 4 people you play with all the aces, all the kings, all the queens and all the jacks.


Place the ornaments in the middle of the table. Make sure you have fewer ornaments than people by 1-2 ornaments.


Shuffle and deal all the cards out. When the dealer says go everyone passes one card at a time, face down, to the person on their left.


The first player with 4 of any kind grabs an ornament out of the middle. Everyone else tries to grab one then. Those who don't get an ornament have to take a shot.


Christmas Bingo

Grab some Christmas Bingo Cards and every time someone doesn’t mark off a bingo square, they have to drink. Whoever wins the game gets to give out drinks all night or at least until there is a new winner.


Add Christmas Twists to Your Favorites

It's pretty easy to adapt games you play in your normal adult parties into Christmas games. Simply throw in a Christmas theme. For example, if you normally play categories, use Christmas categories. Rename the positions in the game Asshole to be Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, Major Elf, Minor Elf, and Beer Elf.




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